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Photo By Shannon Cudby




Born and raised in Orange County.

From the beginning I was interested in art. My mom is the type of person that would have different arts and crafts  projects all around the house and I was always excited to help.  I discovered photography my junior year of highschool. I then went on to Orange Coast College where I recieved a photo Certificate. Then I went to Cal State Fullerton to recieve a Bachelors in PhotoCommunications with a minor in Film.

I am considered a stylist photographer which means I like to be hands on and set up the vision before taken the picture. I photograph fashion, portraits, products, projects, and events where I can do a photo booth or just photograph the event.

My inspirations come from day dreaming, people, and experiences. I love zoning out and letting my imagination take over. The people that inspire me are my family, friends, and artisit such as Tim Burton, Pink, Freddie Mercury, and Duane Michals. I use my experiences in life as my inspiration to express them into a creative form.


Thanks for stopping by and hope to hear from you soon.

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